Cover of "Three Meters with a Knife"

Tre meter med kniv
Published by Samlaget 2020

A strong first novel about being a girlfriend, a daughter and a sister
Lykke wants to be held in the arms of Simeon from the swimming pool. She wishes her sick mother could actually see her. She tries to be friendly to her foster sister, Lena. But although Simeon is sometimes so nice, he can also be mean. And mum, who can sometimes be so fun, can also disappear, far far away. And what’s Lena’s deal, when she turns so utterly silent?

Three metres with a knife is all about being 15 years old, being in love, a daughter and a sister, while at the same time always being on edge, always fighting off tears, always pining for something, always burning with emotion. Eili Harboe paints a sensitive portrait of 15 year-old Lykke as she experiences equal measures of both anxiety and wonder.
The novel is aimed towards readers of ages 15 and over.

Eili Harboe (b. 1994) has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and art history. Harboe had her acting breakthrough with her main role in the film Thelma (2017). Throughout January and February 2020 she will be performing in Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard in one of Oslo’s principal theatres. Three metres with a knife is her first novel.