Jon Hellesnes: THE NATO COMPLEX. On military strategy, nuclear weapons and Norway’s subservience to the USA

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NATO- komplekset. Om militærpolitikk, atomvåpen og norsk USA-servilitet  

 Published by Samlaget, 2019

Norway’s nice, neighbourly alliance with Russia is over.                  Behind a defensive mist of secrecy, vague speeches and semantic acrobatics, Solberg´s Norwegian cabinet is on the verge of surrendering much of our country´s military power to NATO HQ and the Pentagon. The enormous proportions of a military exercise called the Trident Juncture, demonstrate that Norway has now become an active participant in the new cold war. This means that “we” have labelled Russia as an enemy territory. This kind of characterisation proves that our peaceful, diplomatic neighbourly alliance is over. It also suggests that Norway is now simply following the authority of the USA, regardless of who or what is currently in control of the American governmental elite. With good reason, old pundits of the old cold war are now claiming that there is a new war – started by the USA. These are some of the main issues discussed in this thought-provoking book, written by the internationally renowned philosopher, Jon Hellesnes.

Jon Hellesnes (b. 1939) is both an author and an emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Tromsø. He has won prizes for literature and teaching, and is a honorary doctor at the Univ.of Bergen. Due to his many articles and opinion pieces in daily papers, Hellesnes has spent many years as a refreshing, dissenting voice within public debate.                                                                                          

Kristin Oudmayer: Bullying. Everything you want to know but don’t dare to ask





KristinOudmayer                                                                                                                    Bullying. Everything you want to know but don’t dare to ask                                         Mobbebok for ungdom. Alt du lurer på, men ikke spør om

Published by Humanist Forlag, 2017

Adults talk less with children about bullying the older they get. And the older the children become, the more embarrassing it gets to tell them about your own experiences of bullying and ask them about theirs. This book provides answers to questions young people do not always dare to ask: Isn’t it better not to be a friend, than to be a false friend? Is it okay to prioritize yourself and the ones you have most in common with, or are you then contributing to freeze out someone? How can you help a friend who is being bullied? Is it my fault that I am being bullied? Once a bully, always a bully?

The book contains stories and questions from children and young people, and gives a brief introduction to their rights and what they can expect from the adults around them.

In 2010, Kristin Oudmayer (b. 1973) published the book Because I deserve it? A book about bullying, hope and responsibility. The book was a collection of stories she received following a frustrated message she posted in social media. After the publication, Oudmayer was offered a position in UNICEF Norway to lead their Norwegian program. In 2014, she published the book You are more important than you think – A book about the prevention of and dealing  with bullying, which was well-received both by the general public and professional circles. Oudmayer is frequently invited as guest lecturer.






“A fascinating philatelic journey”
“Nowherelands is a real treat, and not only for the stamp collectors among us, for the rest of us as well. The idea is so good as to make one green with envy: writing a book about countries that no longer exist. And there are many of them! … The chapter titles are a joy in themselves: “Princesses in burkas”, “Bottle flies and a thirst for oil”, “Sea cucumbers for stone money”. But nothing surpasses the place names: Inini! Ryukyu! Iquique! … Four pages are dedicated to each country and shocking world history is reeled off. Poetic descriptions and peculiar details, spiced with well-chosen quotations from both fiction and travel writers … “Nowherelands” is an exceptionally beautiful book, printed on exquisite paper. Each country comes with a map, a stamp, tips for further reading and occasionally recipes, music and film suggestions.”