Marit Kaldhol: Z FOR ZORRY

Cover of 'Z for Sorry'Z for sorry
Published by Samlaget, 2017

New dorm, new streets, new school, new class. Everything is new for Susan when she moves to the city this autumn to attend the dance programme at college. Independent Susan, free from nagging parents, done with all the old stuff. She’s only going to dance, dance, dance. Deer leap. Arabesque. Thousands of pirouettes. A new life.


Jostein H. Sandsmark: DEADLINE (thriller)


Cover of 'Deadline'Deadline
Published by Omnipax, 2017

Engaging thriller for young people with a contemporary theme.

Bea, who has just finished high school and is working as journalist apprentice in a big newspaper, is a modern and refreshing version of “Nancy Drew” inspired teen mystery novels, and Deadline is the first book in a planned series with her in the lead role.


Vera Voss: THE4 SERIES

Cover of 'The4'De4-serien
Published by Kagge Forlag, 2015-2016

Every girl has dreams, what if they could become anything they dreamed of?

The4 is about four completely different, but normal girls who live extraordinary lives online. Bea, Lilly, Stine and Julie. They are all 16 and attend high school. Hidden behind their blogger identities they are able to handle problems nobody else dares mess with. The4 is a story about four anti-heroes that recreate themselves as heroes. By living the fantastic, yet also dangerous double identity, the four girls learn more and more about who they really are.