Marit Kaldhol: Z FOR ZORRY

                                                                                     YOUNG ADULT FICTION

Marit Kaldhol                                                                                                                           Z for sorry /Z for sorry                                                                                          Published by Samlaget, 2017

 New dorm, new streets, new school, new class. Everything is new for Susan when she moves to the city this autumn to attend the dance programme at college. Independent Susan, free from nagging parents, done with all the old stuff. She’s only going to dance, dance, dance. Deer leap. Arabesque. Thousands of pirouettes. A new life.

But why won’t the other girls speak to her? What about the boy who came close? The one with his loose laces whipping the floor? And why is the dorm supervisor so nosy? Susan gazes at a map of the night sky. Many stars are part of a larger image, whereas others swirl around alone on the fringes.

Marit Kaldhol (b. 1955) has since her debut in 1983 published a number of acclaimed books for children, youth and adults. For the short- story collection kino (Cinema) (2006) and the novel søkeord ayotzintli  (Keyword: ayotzintli) (2010) she was awarded the Ministry of Culture Prize for Literature. The last one was nominated for Deutsche Jugendliteraturepreis Literature. Marit Kaldhol is nominated for the third time for the ALMA Award 2016.  In 2014 she wrote Zweet, a YA novel, sold to Germany.

Marit Kaldhol: ZWEET

Published by Samlaget, 2015

What’s the truth and what’s a lie?

The alarm bell sounds and the high school is evacuated following a fatal gas leak. Year 10 students Lill Miriam, Susan and Ruben each experience the dramatic unfolding of events from their own perspectives.

Lill Miriam sees things differently from the others. She’s preoccupied with the disappearance of the honey bees, but all of a sudden she herself disappears.

Will she survive? Susan has a painful secret she can’t forget. Ruben is new to the country and has only one friend, Lill Miriam. Will he manage to find out where she’s hiding before it’s too late? More…

Jostein H. Sandsmark: DEADLINE (thriller)


                                                                                   THRILLER FOR YA – CROSS OVER

Jostein H. Sandsmark                                                                                                           Deadline                                                                                                                                   Published by Omnipax, 2017

Engaging thriller for young people with a contemporary theme.

Bea, who has just finished high school and is working as journalist apprentice in a big newspaper, is a modern and refreshing version of “Nancy Drew” inspired teen mystery novels, and Deadline is the first book in a planned series with her in the lead role.

In this book, Bea’s one-year-old niece is seriously ill, and the doctor says little Ina has 40 days to live if they are unable to find a treatment. When they have to identify both the virus and its source – the relentless countdown begins. The doctors think Ina may have been infected by a dangerous virus through a new vaccine, which neither the hospital nor the National Drug Control system seem to be interested in investigating. Bea must investigate on her own, and the search for the virus takes her to Prague, Scotland, Ireland, England, Colombia and Kenya. She meets with scientists and people from the industry, embassy staff and police. But who are the helpers, and who are not? And not least, will she find the virus – and will they then be able to develop the antidote – on time?

Deadline is an insightful and exciting thriller that also addresses the moral dilemmas related to biotechnology and the health industry. In the afterword, the author explains the parts that are fictional and those that are fact-based in the story.

This is the first book in the series about Bea, a modern «Nancy Drew.» In the next book Bea meets challenges related to refugees and aid issues. But first and foremost:  yet another exciting and important story.

Jostein H. Sandmark (b. 1960) is a trained social worker and has also worked as a journalist – among others reporting first-hand from relief operations-  and publishing editor. He has previously published a number of books in several genres.

Vera Voss: THE4 SERIES

De4 HevnenDe4 – serien
Published by Kagge Forlag, 2015-2016

Every girl has dreams, what if they could become anything they dreamed of?

The4 is about four completely different, but normal girls who live extraordinary lives online. Bea, Lilly, Stine and Julie. They are all 16 and attend high school. Hidden behind their blogger identities they are able to handle problems nobody else dares mess with. The4 is a story about four anti-heroes that recreate themselves as heroes. By living the fantastic, yet also dangerous double identity, the four girls learn more and more about who they really are.

ANONYMOUS  (Anonym) introduction novel (95 pages)

Julie has had it with being bullied and decides it’s her right to live out her dreams. Hidden behind the blog profile AnonymousGirl, she can live the life she always wished for and soon becomes a heavyweight in the blogger universe.

Everything changes when a desperate post from a girl is left on the four most popular blogs at the same time. When the girl disappears and is reported missing, the bloggers get together to find her and The4 is established.

REVENGE (Hevn) (254 pages)

Julie is forced to participate in a anti-bullying program with the worst school bully, Charlotte. Both try to sabotage the program, but slowly realize that this is the beginning of a special friendship.

Simultaneously The4 continue looking for Jenny Skoglund, a case which continues to develop dramatically. They discover that Jenny has decided to revenge herself on the bullies that drove her away from her hometown. The4 have to stop her before it’s too late.

MODELS (Modellene) (252 pages)

Beas dream to become a model crashes and burns when she’s told she is too fat. But when an agent contacts her telling her she’s one of the most talented people he’s met, Bea decides to not give up – she will succeed, whatever the cost will be.

While Bea is working on her modelling dream becoming reality, The4 are involved in the investigation of a leak of nude pictures on the internet. They swear to find the person responsible.

HEARTLESS (Hjerteløs) (272 pages,  coming January 2016)

Stine has moved in with her stepfamily that she dislikes and wishes to have her breakthrough as an artist. A YouTube-video makes Stine’s musical career take off. After surpassing a hundred thousand views and shares, she gets the offer she has always dreamed of from a recording company. But with great talent, great challenges and responsibilities await. The girl in the band, Nora, has a dark secret – will The4 be able to help her?

HYPER (Hyper)  (coming March 2016)

Lilly has great ambitions to become a lawyer, and celebrates when she is admitted to an exclusive private school. The pressure is high and after doing badly on three tests, Lilly decides that something has to be done. She visits the home of the fascinating and mystical girl, Thea. After the visit, nothing is like before. If Lilly would have known of the existence of smart drugs before, things would have been way simpler…or?

It turns out that for Thea, the daughter of an influential politician, it is too late. Lilly has unknowingly wound herself and The4 into a web, much larger than she thought.

THE4 – series is a collection of very current novels that will engage young readers from the age of 13 and up. The books are numbered, but can be read independently. Every book includes one solved case.

The Authors: The pseudonym Vera Voss and The4-series disguises a workshop of authors. It consists of some of Norway’s most productive TV-writers that have worked with acclaimed and prize-winning series.