Elisabeth Moseng: MR. JONES GOT A VISITOR

MosengJacketElisabethMoseng                                                                                                                    Mr. Jones got a visitor /Herr Hansen får besøk                                                         Published by Mangschou Forlag, 2017

Mr. Jones is a grump. He does not like people. He does not like animals. He does not even like children, come to think of it!

One day he suddenly discovers a non-expecting visitor in the garden. What should a grump do then? Mr. Jones got a visitor/A visit for Mr. Jones is a lively book about friendship and how life can be turned upside down by a giant elephant in his own garden. The story tells about little Alfred and the elephant called Gift, and how life might change for a grumpy old man.

40 pages. Format 23,5 x 29,5 cm. Suitable for children from 3 to 6 years.

Elisabeth Moseng (born 1967) is an illustrator, designer and author. She has got a degree in Art Direction from Westerdals Oslo ACT and a BA in illustration from Kingston University in London. Moseng has illustrated a wide range of books for  children.   She is well-known for her playful and expressive style, and she describes herself as an illustrator with a graphic expression. Moseng has received a many diplomas for “The Year’s Most Beautiful Books”.

In 2014 Moseng made her debut as an author with her picture book When I become a big brother (Når jeg blir storebror), a funny and clever book for young children about all the changes that will take place when you get a baby brother or a baby sister. Now she is back with the exciting and expressive picture book Mr. Jones got a visitor/Herr Hansen får besøk.




ElefantDet er en elefant i barnehagen
Published by Samlaget, 2016

RRRROOOOOOOIIIIIIP !!!!!! What is that strange sound in the nursery? It’s not the regular nursery noise. Can it be an … elephant? The adults say there are no elephants in the nursery. That is not possible. But then what is that sound? Maren is sure that there must be an elephant in the nursery. She is going to find that elephant. And Maren looks everywhere… A perfect book for curious children.

Bjørn T. Bøe (b. 1979) has studied media in addition to being a pre-school teacher. He now works as an educator at the pre-school’s nature and outdoor recreation department.

Sissel Horndal: THE SKY LEAPER

Sissel Horndal: The Sky LeaperHimmelspringaren
Published by Mangschou, 2008/2015

In the old sheep shed there was one day born a lilac lamb. The other sheep in the flock will have nothing to do with the new little lamb.  Even her mother turns away. But the little lamb Lilac is to do something that no sheep thereabout will ever forget.

This is a lovely and classic tale of the excluded new comer, who through heroic action wins recognition and a special place in everybody’s heart. An everlasting story about being different from others. The Sky Leaper is beautifully illustrated – rich and colourful.  Suitable for children from 4 years and up. 48 pages.

Sissel Horndal (b. 1970) is author illustrator from Northern Norway with a close relationship to nature.  New print run 2015. Complete English translation available.

Stein Erik Lunde/Øyvind Torseter: MY FATHER’S ARMS ARE A BOAT

I can't sleep nowEg kan ikkje sove no
Published by Samlaget, 2008

The boy in this winter night story cannot sleep; therefore it’s good to have daddy’s there to answer all his questions. Like are the red birds sleeping? Do the foxes eat their food? And most importantly: is mummy sleeping? In this starry and quiet picture book, we meet a confident father and an anxious boy who take care of each other in the vast winter night. From 4 to 10 years.

Stein Erik Lunde og Øyvind Torseter received the Ministry of Culture’s Prize for the best picture book in 2008. The jury said:  “Big feelings expressed in a minimalist fashion. The text and illustrations communicate with and complement each other to create a rich and complex whole in which the details are the most important. Exciting, evocative and poetic.” The book was nominated to the Deutscher Literaturpreis 2011. US reviewers wrote:  «A young boy, grieving and unable to sleep, climbs into his father’s steady arms to find warmth and reassurance in this luminous story about loss, love and healing. […] A breathtaking masterpiece.» — STARRED REVIEW, Kirkus Reviews«[Lunde’s] writing is lovely in its spareness, but also hard edged, even in the story’s many moments of tenderness. «We look straight into each other’s eyes. His eyes, black as night, are dark and deep in his face.») Pain is never far from the surface, yet when the boy’s father assures him, «Everything will be all right,» in the final scene, readers will believe him.» — Publishers Weekly  (The American title is «My father’s arms are a boat».)

Stein Erik Lunde (b. 1953) has written several award-winning books for children and youth. Øyvind Torseter (b.1972) see below.

Translations: Sold to China, Germany, USA, Spain/Argentina, Korea, Vietnam.

Cecilie Seim: MADAM’S 11 CHILDREN

seimjacketMadams 11 barn
Published by Omnipax, 2015

In this teeming picture book we follow Madam and her 11 children from morning to night.

Each of the children is the “main character” in one of the detailed, double-page illustrations, all of which depict chaotic versions of familiar family situations. They eat breakfast, go to the playground, to the swimming pool and the library, have granny over for TV night and in the end are all gathered together in the bathroom. Or rather, no, in the end most of them are in bed and Madam can sing them Troll Mother’s Lullaby.

An easy-to-follow story, with small puzzles and tasks on each page, is told in short, rhythmic pieces of text. Who is asleep on the floor? Can you see the packet of porridge in all the chaos? The children are named One, Two etc., and very young readers who have learned to count can find the numbers 1 to 11 on their outfits – as they are each wearing the shirts of their football teams.

From the reviews:
“The educational qualities of the book do not come at the expense of the reading experience.” –Barnebokkritikk.no

About the author

Cecilie Seim (b. 1976) is a qualified illustrator. Her previous book, One Little Cat, appeared in 2012 and her work has appeared in various other books, including a picture book for adults, Souads’ purses.


Kari Stai Yesper and Noper: The Neighbour / Yesper and Noper: Naboen Published by Samlaget, 2016
The fourth book in the series about Yesper and Noper deals with the unfamiliar. One day, Yesper and Noper see that they have a new neighbour. Yesper is happy, while Noper is extremely sceptical, building a tall fence to stop their neighbour coming to see them. Yesper builds a bridge precisely to enable the neighbours to visit each other. Hasn’t Yesper heard that you’re not supposed to talk to strangers? When their neighbour suddenly closes the curtains, Noper thinks this is clear proof: the neighbour has something to hide!

The team of Yesper and Noper still have totally different approaches to life and to the world: Yesper always says ‘yes’, while Noper always says ‘no’. This time, Noper manages to persuade Yesper that their neighbour must either be a thief or a monster, so they decide to do whatever they can to stop the thief or monster getting into their house. Of course, things don’t go quite according to plan, and their neighbour turns out to be somebody who can help then when things go wrong, as this person who has moved into the neighbourhood is actually a firefighter. The Neighbour deals with fear of the unknown and the realisation that what might seem unfamiliar or scary can be quite wonderful, if only you can bring yourself to reach out to the unknown.
The Yesper and Noper series: 1: Yesper and Noper (2008), 2: Yesper and Noper. The Thief Strikes Back (2012), 3: Yesper and Noper and the Empty Room (2014)
The reviewers wrote: “Kari Stai’s series about the sourpuss Noper and the optimist Yesper are among the best picture books we’ve got.” (Dagbladet) Kari Stai’s Yesper and Noper and the Thief was undoubtedly one of the most perfectly realised publications in Norwegian in 2012 across all genres. With the third book, Yesper and Noper and the Empty Room, Stai’s again shows the exquisite interplay between text and images, with every word and every geometrical line working closely together. A book about friendship and reconciliation by one of our most stylistically talented authors of books for readers of all ages. “ (Morgenbladet). The reviewers were full of admiration for the forth book: : “The concept of Yesper and Noper is brilliantly realised, and The Neighbour maintains the same, high standards, with some delightful variations. (Barnebokkritikk.no)
Kari Stai (b. 1974) is one of the most popular and respected picture books artists in Norway. She has received especially acclaim for her Yesper and Noper series; the precise language as well as the artistic drawings and use of colours. She has received many prizes, among others the Debutant Prize of the Ministry of Culture, The Brage prize and the Critique’s award for the other two books about Yesper and Noper: Yesper and Noper /Jakob og Neikob), 2008, and Yesper and Noper.The Thief Strikes Back / Jakob og Neikob. Tjuven slår tilbake (2012).
The books are sold to Germany (vol. 1-2), India (vol. 1-2, 3 languages) Denmark (vol. 1) , Egypt (vol. 1-2), Korea (vol. 1-2), China (vol. 1-3) and France (vol. 1). Stai has also made the board books series about Mopp and Mikko. All titles are available in Engish versions.

Kenneth Steven / Øyvind Torseter: THE STORY ABOUT HOW DOGS GOT WET NOSES

The story about how dogs got wet nosesHistoria om korleis hunden fekk våt snute
Published by Samlaget, 2012

Fabulous twist on Noah’s Ark. When water floods the land, old Noah builds a huge ark and takes on board creepy-crawlies, farm animals and wild animals of every type. While they are out at sea something awful happens, the boat springs a leak! What on earth can they do? Luckily Noah knows a way. This picture book is a lively retelling of the old fable.  More…

Njord Svendsen and Akin Duzakin: FLOPWOLF

Published by Samlaget, 2016

“If I could only disappear into the great forest, and come out somewhere else, “ thinks Flopwolf. He is a wolf that cannot howl. He is not as strong as the others, and he does not look like them. And now he’s tired of pretending that he resembles the other wolves. Flopwolf has to get out and decides to leave the pack and find out what’s on the other side of the forest.

The tale about Flopwolf is a book about unexpected friendship and about what it really means to be brave.

Complete English translation available.

Njord Svendsen (b. 1973) has worked as a journalist but is now a communications advisor. Akin Düzakin (b. 1961) is picture book author and illustrator. Duzakin has illustrated a number of picture books, and he has received several national and international awards.

Trude Tjensvold: BO MOVES OUT

bo-flyttar-utBo flyttar ut
Published by Samlaget, 2016

This is an imaginative picture book about feeling ignored.

Bo the Cat was like the cat who got the cream before Viktor the Dog moved in. He takes Bo’s place in the mistress’s bed. The mistress used to give Bo  fried bacon and cooked fish, but now she only serves liver, because that’s what Viktor wants. The mistress seems to be more interested in Viktor the Dog than Bo the Cat. There’s only one thing to be done, and that is to find somewhere else to live. So Bo sets out into the world to find a new home where there are no dogs.

This picture book is bursting with humour and colour, and captures how it feels to be ignored. When faced with the dangers of the big wide world, however, Bo realises how good things were at home with the dog and his mistress. A classic story with engaging illustrations. Complete English version is available.                   32 pages. Format 21,5 x 27 cm. Translations rights sold to: Denmark.

About the author

Trude Tjensvold (b. 1964) is a illustrator and designer. This is her first book.