Kristina Leganger Iversen: IN THE RINGS

Cover of 'In the Rings'I ringane
Published by Samlaget, 2015

A disturbing, erotic and explosive novel

Jo lies on her bathroom floor undergoing a chemical abortion. How did it come to this? How could love transform itself into something so painful and impossible to offer ever again? Through fragmented images from her childhood and adult life, we see the way in which Jo reluctantly grows into a woman who feels her life ebb away from her.


Hilde K. Kvalvaag: HAVE A GOOD LIFE

Lev vel, alle
Published by Samlaget, 2015

Reluctantly, 16-year-old Knut goes on a trip to Canada with his mother Gunhild. The plan is to follow the footsteps of his great-grandfather who left his wife and six children in Norway, never to return. Knut has dropped out of school after a serious act of violence against his best mate. His mother’s aim is to make this trip into turning point. Moreover, she also has an urge to get away. The journey takes them into the great Canadian wilderness where nothing turns out to be as they have planned or imagined.


Jan Roar Leikvoll: THE PREACHER

Jan Roar Leikvoll: Forkynnaren/The PreacherForkynnaren
Published by Samlaget, 2015

When Jan Roar Leikvoll died in 2014, he left behind several manuscripts. One of these was The Preacher (Forkynnaren). Here we meet an old man called Hans who suddenly wakes up one day after a long spell of illness, convinced that he has a personal calling. Without knowing what lies ahead, he leaves his farm and rows his boat across the fjord, never to return. On his journey he takes on passengers who tell him about their longings and their life stories. The Preacher is a beautiful little narrative about loss, consolation and reconciliation.



Lars Mæhle: Linnés dystre lærdom/Linné's grim lessonLinnés dystre lærdom
Published by Samlaget, 2014

A new book in the series about the hard-hitting psychologist Ina Grieg. An invitation to a class reunion revives one of Ina Grieg’s repressed nightmares. When she was young, a 14 years old girl, Sonia Lerdahl, mysteriously disappeared from the small town where they lived. Sonia was in the same class as Ina, and she was a victim of bullying. In retrospect, Ina reproaches herself for not having intervened against the bullying.


Erlend Flornes Skaret: NOMAD

Erlend Flornes Skaret: Nomade/Nomad Nomade
Published by Samlaget, 2016

A road novel about the highways and byways of existence.

Struck by the absurdity of it all, a man resigns from his job and buys a car. He drives south without a plan. He tries to free himself from daily life by constantly moving. But this nomadic lifestyle is challenged, raising the question: how long is it possible to keep running?


Nils Henrik Smith: FIRE IN YOUR HEART

Cover of 'Fire in Your Heart'Se ilden lyse over jord
Published by Samlaget 2014

A story about man’s self-examination, torn between feelings of shame, regret and longing for love.

A sixty-year-old man wakes up in a hotel room. He has been dreaming about the men’s cross-country skiing relay at the Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994, which was closely linked to a dramatic event in his own life. In the winter of 1994, the same day as the relay took place, he lost his eldest son. Later he became divorced.