Published by Samlaget, 2015

Cover of Harald Nortun: The Experiment

A classic tale of switched identities with serious undertones.
On the way to his grandparents’ house, Amund challenges his twin sister Amanda to switch clothes and pretend to be one another, an experiment that is only intended to last the evening. However, then they receive an unexpected visitor who fails to see through their trick, and switching back suddenly becomes very difficult

The Experiment is an exciting tale about imagining how things might be it you were the opposite gender, a theme that interests many children. Both humorous and revealing about gender roles. Suitable for readers 12-14.

Harald Nortun (b. 1972) is a qualified literary scientist and has worked as a teacher at the University in Trondheim. His debut work as an author came in the form of his novel Røverskogen (Thieves in the Forest), published in 2006, and he has also published a collection of poems for young adults, called Nesten saman (Almost Together).                                                    

Translations: Rights sold to Sweden, France, Denmark, Belgium.

Liv Oddrun Larsen and Henning Lystad: THE HEART WAR

Published by Samlaget, 2018


One boy. Two girls. This is what wars are made of. The Heart Wars.

“Is it true?”
“Is what true?”
“That you and Jakob are going out? That he asked you out?”
Vilde doesn’t respond.
Hege gets a look in her eyes that doesn’t seem nice.
The teasing look. The dreaded teasing took.

The Heart Wars is suitable for children who are just starting to read, but find it challenging to read for longer periods.

Liv Oddrun Larsen (b. 1969) is an author, a librarian and a bookworm. Henning Lystad (b. 1972) is an illustrator and a graphic designer.

Bente Bratlund and Rui Tenreiro: WHERE’S SCRUFF ?

Kvar er Lurven?
Published by Samlaget, 2018


The story of a missing dog
Scruff the dog is Tore’s best friend ever. But one day when Tore comes home from drama, Scruff has vanished – without a trace! Tore searches everywhere with his mum and dad, but as night falls, Scruff is still nowhere to be found. Where could Scruff be?

Where’s Scruff? Is perfect for children just starting to read, but find it challenging to read for longer periods.

Bente Bratlund (b. 1952) is a qualified teacher, but ever since 1992 has worked as an author full-time. She has written a long line of engaging and entertaining books for adults and children of all ages. Many of her books have been translated to Faroese, Danish and Swedish. – see above.
Rui Tenreiro (b. 1979) is a cartoonist and illustrator.

Elisabeth Melland Larsen and Nora Brech: THIPI AND THE MYSTERIOUS PARTY

Thipi og den hemmelege festen
Published by Mangschou, 2018

Surprises abound at the hospital!

Thipi is ten years old and fed up of being a patient in this huge hospital. One day, from the windowsill of her room, she spots a tiny little woman standing outside the entrance of the hospital, with a bright green hat, a big red nose and a rolling suitcase. The woman gets out a mysterious map and waves up at Thipi. How bizarre!

Not long afterwards, the lift is full with popcorn, the stairs are covered in bird poo and Thipi begins to hear voices coming from the walls in her room. Then, she and the other children from the hospital school receive a postcard with an exciting invitation.

What is going on in the hospital? Who exactly are the people who sent these postcard? Who are Florita, Birdie, Mr. Maxi and Petal? Thipi and the Secret Party is a warm, laugh-out-loud story about friendship, courage, popcorn and lots and lots of big round bubbles.

Elisabeth Helland Larsen (b. 1973) is a theatre graduate from France, where she found work at a circus that kept camels and tigers. She has worked as a clown for hospitalized children for more than 25 years. Later she founded the organization, Sykehusklovenene (The hospital clowns), whose members dress up as circus clowns to entertain and amaze the children. This book might be one of the more fanciful explanations of how they made their way into our health institutions.

Nora Brech (b. 1988) is an illustrator and author, and has collaborated on several illustrated books.


Jakta på firkløveren
Published by Samlaget, 2016

Charming and wild!

The summer holidays are here. Alvar and Jens swim with Goldie, search for four-leaf clovers, have club meetings in the tree house. In fact, they do all the fun things one can do on an island out at sea. And soon a new kid will be moving into the big old rambling house. Now they will be three – it’s going to be triple fun! But when the new boy arrives, Alvar understands that the summer is going to be quite different from what he had imagined. There is jealousy, quarrels and intrigues. Alvar must find the little hero in himself, and quick.


Erna Osland / Sigbjørn Lilleeng: DECIDE, TONY T., DECIDE


Tony TBestem deg, Tony T., bestem deg
Published by Samlaget, 2017

An engaging story about escape and taking action.

It’s the summer holidays, and Tony is staying at his grandpa’s with his cousin, Silja. Every should be as normal, but nothing is. The police tell them that a young asylum seeker is missing and everyone presumes the boy has drowned. But what’s going on in Grandpa’s loft? And who is hiding what? Have Silja and Grandpa discovered something? For the first time, Tony has to decide for himself what is right and wrong, and he has to quite literally throw himself in at the deep end.



Keeperen og havet
Published by Samlaget 2017

‘Who normally plays in goal?’
My jaw dropped. How could he possibly not know? Everybody in the area knew that Lena was the goalie in the boys’ team. She stepped into the circle wearing her goalkeeper’s gloves and looked up defiantly at the man in the black tracksuit.
‘Is that it?’

The arrival of a new football coach means dark clouds are looming over twelve-year-old Lena Lid’s goalkeeping career. In the house next door, Trille is wondering how to impress the ladies. Meanwhile, as ever, Grandpa is out at sea, looking for the biggest catch of all time and trying not to worry about getting old.



Cover of 'Waffle Heart'Vaffelhjarte
Published by Samlaget, 2005

One thing Trille knows for sure: that his great aunt makes the world’s best waffles. He is sure, too, that Knert-Mathilde is a wonderful place in which to live – and that his neighbour, Lena Lid, is his best friend. But he is anything but sure that he is her best friend. And when Lena asks him exactly why he wants a father, although he has one, Trille isn’t sure about that, either.


Kari Smeland: THE CROWDIVE FAMILY and the Sneeze in the House Next Door

Cover of 'The Crowdive Family'Familien Kråkestup og nyset i nabohuset
Published by Samlaget, 2012

Are you a curious snoop? The huge and boisterous Crowdive family lives in an old and dilapidated house. There is only one other house in the neighborhood, and no one has lived there since uncle Sigurd was a boy. But one day the youngest of the twins suspects that someone has moved in.