Jakta på firkløveren
Published by Samlaget, 2016

Charming and wild!

The summer holidays are here. Alvar and Jens swim with Goldie, search for four-leaf clovers, have club meetings in the tree house. In fact, they do all the fun things one can do on an island out at sea. And soon a new kid will be moving into the big old rambling house. Now they will be three – it’s going to be triple fun! But when the new boy arrives, Alvar understands that the summer is going to be quite different from what he had imagined. There is jealousy, quarrels and intrigues. Alvar must find the little hero in himself, and quick.


Martine Grande: LOSER


Marine Grande: Tapar/LoserTapar
Published by Samlaget, 2017

Is it possible for a loser to win?

Everyone knows that a sloth can’t move quickly. But you might want to take part in competitions all the same. Seth the Sloth is sick and tired of always coming last when racing against the tortoise, giraffe and fox. So he decides to practice. And he practises and practises and trains and trains. But Freddy the Fox is quick as quicksilver. And whoever comes last doesn’t get a medal, says Freddy. Can Seth win the race?


Eldrid Johansen: PHARAOH’S CURSE

Eldrid Johansen: Faraos forbannelse/The Pharaoh's CurseFaraos forbannelse
Published by Mangschou 2017

An exciting mystery from Egypt!

Mathilde and Susanne are ready to enjoy the sun as tourists by the swimming pool in Luxor. In Egypt pharaoh’s temples and hidden graves are waiting as well, and they want to discover the ruins where Mathilde’s mom died many years ago.

But even though the sun is shining, Mathilde’s anxiety grows. What do the mysterious signs from her nightmares mean? Why does she feel like someone’s watching them? And what secret was her mom about to uncover when she died?



Cover of 'Silly Silly Heart'Dumme, dumme hjarte
Published by Samlaget, 2017

Twelve-year-old Clara is at the theatre with her ballet group the Swan Ensemble to see William Shakespeare’s famous classic Romeo and Juliet. With the play as a backdrop she gives rather well-meaning advice to both friends and family about what is needed to become happy: You either surrender completely to love or take a big swig of mouthwash and lie down and wait for the great, all-encompassing darkness. With much empathy and wonderment she tries to makes sense of what love is all about. Is it possible to be faithful to another person all your life, or is love just a big pile of shit?



Cover of 'Yoko Onur'Yoko Onur – Et balleliv
Published by Omnipax, 2014

Yoko Onur and her best friend Kara have decided to take control over Yoko’s hopeless life. Since they feel that it is Yoko’s 200 % hopeless mother who is the cause of all her problems, they start a top secret project to:

  1. Find the dream man (for mum)
  2. Find the dream job (for mum)
  3. Make mum dig regular clothes
  4. Make mum dig regular food 5
  5. Find a cuddly puppy (for Yoko and mum)

But things don’t turn out exactly as the have planned. It was not their idea that mum should find a job at their own school! And the hunt for the dream man changes Yoko’s life in a way nobody could have foreseen…


Hilde K. Kvalvaag/Sturla Bang: UNDER. THE SISTER ANARCHISTS

SCI-FI 13+

Under. Søsteranarkistene
Published by Samlaget, 2017

A fascinating tale from the future city state of Zeijang-Volvo.

The Sister Anarchists is a SF trilogy set in the future where several great Extinctions have scoured the world. People live in corporate citystates. The trilogy centers on nature, power, courage, betrayal, friendship and how short-sighted people can be. In the first book we follow Ela and her childhood friend Skåne.  Ela escapes into the bowels of the city with help from the enigmatic Vida who helps people join the Underground Movement, and they encounter the eccentric synthetic intelligence Fields of Green. More…

Lars Mæhle: CAT CHAOS


Lars Mæhle: Kattekrøll/Cat ChaosKattekrøll
Published by Samlaget, 2017

Mistaken moggies!

Ane is at her grandfather’s for the summer holidays. And she’s bored. One day, they see the neighbour out and about looking for his new cat, Leo, which has suddenly disappeared. The neighbour is about to go on holiday and is desperate because Leo hasn’t come home. Ane and her grandfather promise to look out for the ginger cat. Ane knows that it’s not always easy for a cat to find its way back to a new home. But she doesn’t know yet how much chaos saving a cat can cause – even when you’re only trying to help! There are plenty of surprises in this book.


Erna Osland / Sigbjørn Lilleeng: DECIDE, TONY T., DECIDE


Tony TBestem deg, Tony T., bestem deg
Published by Samlaget, 2017

An engaging story about escape and taking action.

It’s the summer holidays, and Tony is staying at his grandpa’s with his cousin, Silja. Every should be as normal, but nothing is. The police tell them that a young asylum seeker is missing and everyone presumes the boy has drowned. But what’s going on in Grandpa’s loft? And who is hiding what? Have Silja and Grandpa discovered something? For the first time, Tony has to decide for himself what is right and wrong, and he has to quite literally throw himself in at the deep end.



Keeperen og havet
Published by Samlaget 2017

‘Who normally plays in goal?’
My jaw dropped. How could he possibly not know? Everybody in the area knew that Lena was the goalie in the boys’ team. She stepped into the circle wearing her goalkeeper’s gloves and looked up defiantly at the man in the black tracksuit.
‘Is that it?’

The arrival of a new football coach means dark clouds are looming over twelve-year-old Lena Lid’s goalkeeping career. In the house next door, Trille is wondering how to impress the ladies. Meanwhile, as ever, Grandpa is out at sea, looking for the biggest catch of all time and trying not to worry about getting old.