Maria Parr
The Goalie and the Sea/Keeperen og havet
To be published in August 2017

‘Who normally plays in goal?’
My jaw dropped. How could he possibly not know? Everybody in the area knew that Lena was the goalie in the boys’ team. She stepped into the circle wearing her goalkeeper’s gloves and looked up defiantly at the man in the black tracksuit.
‘Is that it?’

The arrival of a new football coach means dark clouds are looming over twelve-year-old Lena Lid’s goalkeeping career. In the house next door, Trille is wondering how to impress the ladies. Meanwhile, as ever, Grandpa is out at sea, looking for the biggest catch of all time and trying not to worry about getting old.

Throughout the course of a year, Lena, Trille and Grandpa will have to battle the forces of nature, as well as themselves. The stage is set for strongly felt emotions and real drama in Mathildewick Cove, the small bundle of houses where they live by the sea. What are friends like Lena and Trille to do when all the rafts they make end up sinking, when every message in a bottle they send just washes up on the shore at home, and when nobody cares about what they can really do? They’re hardly ones to give up in a sticky situation, though, that’s for sure. Certainly not if Lena has anything to say about it!

The Goalie and the Sea is an intense and action-packed return to the quirky lives of the beautifully mismatched friends from Waffle Hearts.

Translation rights pre-sold to: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden.


                                                                             DOCUMENTARY/CURRANT AFFAIRS

Lene Wold
No Honour in Crime (Ære være mine døtre)
Published by Kagge Publishing, 2017

During the past three years, Lene Wold has spent a considerable amount of time in Jordan with a man who has killed both his mother and one of his two daughters in order to restore his family’s honour. Wold has travelled around Jordan and interviewed a number of people about honour killing. The author portrays the man’s upbringing, culture and dilemmas that shaped him as a person and the choices he made. Wold’s other important source is Amina. This daughter spent several years in prison after the failed murder attempt in order to protect her from her own family. In Jordan, it is the women, the survivors of attempted honour killings, who are imprisoned not the perpetrators.
The author has visited prisons and mosques, searched through newsprints and court archives and contacted imams, village heads and killers. Using a unique source material, Wold illuminates a hitherto unknown aspect of honour killings. The story is told from the perpetrator’s perspective, and Wold shows that honour killings are not about Islam, but about traditions and laws, which must be challenged and changed. No Honour in Crime is a shocking and illuminating tale of how a man chooses inherited culture over the lives of his own children.

Translation rights sold to: Denmark.
Lene Wold (b. 1987) is a journalist and has a degree in social scientist. She has worked for the The Independent and The Centre for Investigative Journalism in England and has lived and worked as a freelancer in the Middle East. She has an MA in Journalism from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a BA in Development Studies from the University of Oslo. She has also studied Arabic in Lebanon and Jordan.

Latest rights sale

  • Lene Wold: NO HONOUR IN CRIME (documentary, 2017), sold to Denmark
  • Bjørn Berge: NOWHERE LANDS. LOST COUNTRIES IN THE 19TH AND 20TH CENTURY (cultural history, 2016), sold to Hungary,                                                   previously to Italy, UK, US, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Russia, Netherlands,  Sweden, Finland.
  • Stein Erik Lunde/Øyvind Torseter: MY FATHER’S ARMS ARE A BOAT (picture book, 2008), sold to Vietnam,                                                                                       previously to to China, Germany, USA, Spain/Argentina, Korea.
  • Trude Tjensvold: BO MOVES OUT (picture book, 2016), sold to Denmark.
  • Ole Martin Høystad: THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SOUL (cultural history, 2016), sold to Serbia,                                                                                                                           previously to Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Russia.