Sigrid Agnete Hansen: SEEN THIS?

Cover "Seen This?"

Ser du dette?
Published by Samlaget 2020

A powerful debut about a nude photo in the wrong hands
Anna has just moved to a new home with her parents. Back to the village where her dad grew up, where Anna’s grandma still lives. But rumours travel faster than a car can drive. A rumour doesn’t care about kilometres, speed limits or travel itineraries. A rumour just wants to get where it’s going. And once it arrives, it will try to reach out to as many people as it possibly can…


Hilde Myklebust and Akin Duzakin: YLVA AND THE WILD GOATS

Cover of "Ylva and the Wild Goats"

Ylva og villgeitene
Published by Samlaget 2020

A poetic tale about an intrepid girl coming face to face with nature
Ylva and her dad are out walking to their summer house down by the sea. But they are not the only ones on the steep mountainside. The wild goat, Blackbeard, and his flock also call the area home. The sea eagles do, too.


Latest rights sale

  •  Atle Berge: ROUGHNECK (novel, 2019), sold to Bulgaria, Serbia.
  • Sigrid Agnethe Hansen (YA novel, 2020), sold to Denmark, Korea.
  •  Terje Tvedt: THE NILE. THE RIVER OF HISTORY (non-fiction, 2012/2020), sold to Germany and the Netherlands, previously to UK.
  •  Bjørn Berge: NOWHERELANDS (non-fiction, 2016), sold to Greece,  previously to  Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, South Korea, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, USA.
  •  Lars Mæhle/Lars Rudebjer: THE DINOSAUR BUNCH-series (picture books, 2019-2020), sold to Indonesia, previously to previously to Denmark, China,  Estonia,  Faroe Island, Finland,  Iceland, Russia,  Sweden.
  •  Maria Parr : WAFFLE HEART (children’s novel, 2005), sold to Albania, previously to Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Catalonia, Czech, China, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Island, France, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Serbia, Japan, Ukraine, Portugal, UK, USA, Iceland, South Korea, Sami language, Italy, India (Hindi), Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Georgia, Macedonia, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Turkey.