Bente Bratlund and Rui Tenreiro: WHERE’S SCRUFF ?

Kvar er Lurven?
Published by Samlaget, 2018


The story of a missing dog
Scruff the dog is Tore’s best friend ever. But one day when Tore comes home from drama, Scruff has vanished – without a trace! Tore searches everywhere with his mum and dad, but as night falls, Scruff is still nowhere to be found. Where could Scruff be?

Where’s Scruff? Is perfect for children just starting to read, but find it challenging to read for longer periods.

Bente Bratlund (b. 1952) is a qualified teacher, but ever since 1992 has worked as an author full-time. She has written a long line of engaging and entertaining books for adults and children of all ages. Many of her books have been translated to Faroese, Danish and Swedish. – see above.
Rui Tenreiro (b. 1979) is a cartoonist and illustrator.