Jon Hellesnes: THE NATO COMPLEX. On military strategy, nuclear weapons and Norway’s subservience to the USA

                                                                                                     CURRENT AFFAIRS

NATO- komplekset. Om militærpolitikk, atomvåpen og norsk USA-servilitet  

 Published by Samlaget, 2019

Norway’s nice, neighbourly alliance with Russia is over.                  Behind a defensive mist of secrecy, vague speeches and semantic acrobatics, Solberg´s Norwegian cabinet is on the verge of surrendering much of our country´s military power to NATO HQ and the Pentagon. The enormous proportions of a military exercise called the Trident Juncture, demonstrate that Norway has now become an active participant in the new cold war. This means that “we” have labelled Russia as an enemy territory. This kind of characterisation proves that our peaceful, diplomatic neighbourly alliance is over. It also suggests that Norway is now simply following the authority of the USA, regardless of who or what is currently in control of the American governmental elite. With good reason, old pundits of the old cold war are now claiming that there is a new war – started by the USA. These are some of the main issues discussed in this thought-provoking book, written by the internationally renowned philosopher, Jon Hellesnes.

Jon Hellesnes (b. 1939) is both an author and an emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Tromsø. He has won prizes for literature and teaching, and is a honorary doctor at the Univ.of Bergen. Due to his many articles and opinion pieces in daily papers, Hellesnes has spent many years as a refreshing, dissenting voice within public debate.                                                                                          



Bjørn Berge: Landene som forsvant/Nowhere LandsLandene som forsvant. 1840 – 1970
Published by Spartacus, 2016

A different kind of world history – told through stamps from countries that have been erased from the map

More than 1000 countries have issued their own stamps during the past 175 years since the first “Penny Black” was introduced in England in 1840. Most of them no longer exist. Some of their names will bring back associations, such as Biafra and “famine” and Bhopal and “environmental disaster”. Others, few of us will associate with anything, like Labuan, Tannu Tuva and Fiume. These lost countries have fascinating stories to tell , whether they were short-lived like Eastern Karelia, which lasted only a few weeks during the winter war of 1922, or more tenacious such as the Orange Free State, a Boer Republic which celebrated 50 years as an independent state in the late 1800s.



Cover of Hellebø/Kuhn: Animals and their Smoothest Moves

Dyras beste sjekketriks
Published by Samlaget, 2019

Did you know that that the angora goat’s best pick-up line is peeing on its own face? That spiders seduce their mates with some catchy music and a steady beat? That penguins propose with pebbles? Or that a stag uses its antlers as a tool to impress their fussy females? In this book, Malin Hellebø and Camilla Kuhn focus on all the weird and wonderful ways animals seduce their partners.

The book discusses everything from mammals to amphibians to insects and is an entertaining and fact-packed introduction to the remarkable world of nature.

Author Malin Hellebø and illustrator Camilla Kuhn

Malin Hellebø (b. 1989) is a qualified musician, but for several years has been in charge of the popular children’s TV program “Animal Friend”. 
Camilla Kuhn (b. 1975) has written and illustrated several books for children.

Mats Eldøen/Sindre Goksøyr: IF I HAD A TAIL

Cover of Eldøen/Goksøyr: If I Had a Tail

Viss eg hadde hale
Published by Samlaget, 2019

Imagine you woke up one day with wings instead of arms. Or that you could suddenly change colour like a chameleon, to blend into your surroundings. In If I had a tale, the author Mats Eldøen and illustrator Sindre Goksøyr play with the idea of how the world might have turned out if we had a few more of animals’ skills.

This book is best read somewhere with a lot of open space, so you can discover for yourself what it’s like to have eight legs like a spider, or an elephant’s ears. By the way, do you know what an elephant actually uses its ears for? Find out in this fascinating non-fiction book.

Author Mats Eldøen and illustrator Sindre Goksøyr

Mats Eldøen (b. 1983) is an actor and director who has produced a long line of children’s shows, with over 300 performances worldwide. He is an experienced improvisation artist and has taken part in multiple TV programs. Eldøen is the associate head of arts at the Oslo-based theatre.
Sindre Goksøyr (b. 1975) is an illustrator, cartoonist and artist. He has worked on several book projects and exhibitions.

Irene Ahnéll and Elisabeth Moseng: WIDE AWAKE

Pling vaken
Published by Samlaget, 2018

A hilarious, illustrated book about bedtime
Klara can’t get to sleep. She does everything she can think of, like drinking extra water, taking an extra trip to the toilet, and trying to convince mummy to sing just one more lullaby. But no matter what she does, Klara feels wide awake.

And things doesn’t get any easier when Klara learns that the monster in the cupboard can’t sleep either! Wide Awake is the classic tale of a child who neither can nor will sleep – and about everything that happens when she tries.

Irene Ahnéll (b. 1971) works as a director and an actress. She is an artistic director for the Bergen-based theatre company, Krabatene, who specialize in creating theatre for children and young people. Wide Awake is her literary debut.
Elisabeth Moseng (b. 1967) is an illustrator and author. Moseng has been educated at several institutions, including Kingston University in London. She has illustrated a long line of books and was the mind behind Mr Jones Got a Visitor/Herr Hansen får besøk.

Marianne G. Engedal: THE SAUSAGE BURGLAR

Cover of Marianne Engedal: The Sausage Burglar

Published by Samlaget, 2019

Exciting about an unwilling burglar
Bill is a nine-year-old boy, born into a family of burglars. But Bill doesn’t want to be a burglar. One day he has to steal from his own friend, Sausage Sam. “But I don’t want to steal from Sausage Sam,” yells Bill, “He’s my friend!” What does he get in response? “A real burglar has to be able to steal from anyone at all!”

This tale takes place in a world where every family has a profession they are born to do. Bill doesn’t like stealing, and mostly only pinches junk that nobody wants. His family thinks Bill is a bad burglar, and so they pressure him into stealing from his friend. Bill wants to turn over everything he stole, but on the way there he encounters a band of people who were also born into the wrong profession, and who have run to the woods to escape. The Sausage Burglar is all about finding out who you really are and being brave enough to live the way you want. Format 21,5 x 30 cm.

Author Marianne Engedal
Photo: Tove K. Breistein

Marianne G. Engedal (b. 1986) is an illustrator and a chef. She was educated at Bergen’s art academy, Kunsthøgskulen. This is her first book.


Published by Samlaget, 2015

Cover of Harald Nortun: The Experiment

A classic tale of switched identities with serious undertones.
On the way to his grandparents’ house, Amund challenges his twin sister Amanda to switch clothes and pretend to be one another, an experiment that is only intended to last the evening. However, then they receive an unexpected visitor who fails to see through their trick, and switching back suddenly becomes very difficult

The Experiment is an exciting tale about imagining how things might be it you were the opposite gender, a theme that interests many children. Both humorous and revealing about gender roles. Suitable for readers 12-14.

Harald Nortun (b. 1972) is a qualified literary scientist and has worked as a teacher at the University in Trondheim. His debut work as an author came in the form of his novel Røverskogen (Thieves in the Forest), published in 2006, and he has also published a collection of poems for young adults, called Nesten saman (Almost Together).                                                    

Translations: Rights sold to Sweden, France, Denmark, Belgium.

Anna Folkestad: WOOLLY

Cover of Anna Folkestad: Wooly

Published by Samlaget, 2019

A warm, colourful tale about friendship
Woolly and the other sheep in her flock are playing hide-and-seek. Woolly is great at hiding, but the others aren’t that good at finding her.

All of a sudden her flock is gone, and Woolly has to find her way back to them. While trying to find her friends she gets totally lost and meets all kinds of different animals. First a beaver, then a stoat and then a moose. No river, rockslides, nor even sleeping bears pose a problem to Woolly and her new friends. But can Woolly find her flock?

Woolly is a heartwarming and laugh-out-loud story about flocks and friendships.

Author Anna Folkestad

Anna R. Folkestad (b. 1983) is an author and illustrator. She has written many books, including her popular books about Besta and Bo. In 2012 she was awarded the Neo-Norwegian Children’s Literature Prize for her Unni and Gunni series.

Stein Erik Lunde / Øyvind Torseter: MY FATHER’S ARMS ARE A BOAT

Eg kan ikkje sove no/My Father's Arms are a BoatEg kan ikkje sove no
Published by Samlaget, 2008

The boy in this winter night story cannot sleep; therefore it’s good to have daddy there to answer all his questions. Like are the red birds sleeping? Do the foxes eat their food? And most importantly: is mummy sleeping? In this starry and quiet picture book, we meet a confident father and an anxious boy who take care of each other in the vast winter night. From 4 to 10 years.


Johan B. Mjønes/Åshild Irgrens : THE LUKAS SERIES

Published by Aschehoug 2016-2018

Lukas is a small, boy, with a kind and curious heart. Through his perspective he sees the everyday events – little things that can be big and dramatic to a four year-old. The charming tales of Lukas´ world fill readers with wonder and questions. It’s easy to grow fond of Lukas – and once you get to know him, you might even want him as a friend!

Cover of Mjønes/Irgens: Sleep Tight, Lukas

Sleep Tight, Lukas/Sov godt, Lukas (1)

Lukas finds it hard to sleep. And it doesn’t get any better when the grown-ups try to help. Everybody in the house tries to get Lukas to sleep, even Oscar the dog. Everybody ends up falling asleep themselves instead. Finally Lukas finds his own ways.

Cover of Mjønes/Irgens: What Are You Doing, Lukas?

What are you doing, Lukas?/ Hva gjør du, Lukas? (2)

Little Lukas has no one to play with. He putters around on his own. When he starts to play and build a hut, one by one of the other children wants to join him. The story develops and in the end all the children have joined in on the project. There is a room  for everyone in Lukas’ hut.

Cover of Mjønes/Irgens: Lukas and the Sparrow

Lukas and the Sparrow / Lukas og spurven (3)

A big sparrow drama for Lukas. Luckily with a happy ending. A sparrow flies into a windowpane and lies lifeless on the ground. Is it dead? Lukas carries the bird inside the house, and the grown-ups come to help. Their curious cat approaches, creating a dramatic moment. In the end everything works fine – the sparrow is not dead and can fly away.

Complete English versions are available for all titles. 32 pages. Format 22 x 23 cm.
The fourth book in the series – Lukas and Kim – will be published September 2019.

Author Johan B. Mjønes and illustrator Åshild Irgens

Johan B. Mjønes (b. 1976) writes books for children, YA and adults. He has a degree in comparative literature. His professional background also include photographing and lecturing at Aschehoug’s Scholl of Writing.
Åshild Irgens (b. 1976) is a popular illustrator and designer. She has a degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.