Åsmund H. Eikenes/Eivind Gulliksen: KNOCK KNOCK!

Cover of "Knock Knock!"

Published by Samlaget, 2019

Discover the amazing animal hands!
All of us humans have hands with five long fingers, but the hands in the animal kingdom look a little different. We call them paws, claws, fins, hooves or wings. Yet when we look at how human and animal hands have been put together, we can see that they are actually rather similar. Hands are vital tools for both humans and animals.

Chimpanzee hands look the same as human hands and make it easy for the chimpanzee to cling onto trees. Frogs have four long fingers with a suction cup on each tip. The mole has an extra finger that makes it easier to dig long tunnels. Birds’ hands are hidden within their wings and are thin and light to help them fly. Whales use their arms to swim with, so their fingers are webbed together into one long and powerful rowing oar.
Join the fun and learn all about the different hands of animals!

Åsmund H. Eikenes (b. 1986) holds a doctorate from the Centre of Cancer Biomedicine at the University of Oslo and is an active researcher. Eikenes has previously published Handboka (Your Hands) and Sprut (A Single Drop) (see p. 31) for adult readers.

Eivind Gulliksen (b. 1973) has studied illustration in Falmouth (UK) and art/graphic design in Oslo. He has illustrated a long line of children’s books.