Ann Helen Kolås Ingebrigtsen: ANGRY

Cover of "Anger"

Published by Samlaget 2020

ADHD, friendship and falling in love
15 year-old Angie has ADHD. It’s bubbling and boiling away inside of her. She shouts at students and teachers, which often lands her at the school counsellor’s office. The counsellor thinks she needs to start taking her medication again.

Luckily, Angie has a best friend – Torunn. But two new students in the class are kicking up trouble: Kine, an insufferable influencer with tons of followers on Instagram, and the mysterious, handsome Johan, who must have chocolate milk and strawberry jam sandwiches every day.

Angie doesn’t hide away from her problems, instead she is direct and up-front. Angry is a fresh tale with a gripping storyline. It’s suitable for readers from ages 13 and over.

Ann Helen Kolås Ingebrigtsen (b. 1980) works as a high school teacher of Norwegian. This is her first novel.